QRM Project Guide

QRM company projects follow a general process framework to ensure clear focus on the project goals and timely completion. Read below how this partnership works and what companies can expect.

Who is involved

A typical project involves one or more students working under the supervision of one faculty expert from the Center. The students are typically graduate students in engineering. Occasionally, advanced engineering undergraduates or technically oriented graduate students in business may also be involved.

The students usually focus on a project for one-quarter of their time over one semester (or summer*). The project may involve regular (e.g. once a week) data-gathering visits to the company sponsoring the project. The remainder of the time is spent by the students at the University, conducting analysis, research, modeling and simulation, meeting with faculty experts, and other work related to the project.

(*Summer projects may proceed at a more intensive pace depending on the needs of the company and the availability of the student.)

How to Get Started

  • Check the QRM Project Guide for more information about the project process and what to expect.
  • Identify an area in your company that could benefit from QRM. Not sure how to do this? Attend one of our QRM events or read some of our research publications.
  • Discuss your plans with QRM Center faculty to get an unbiased outside perspective.
  • Join the QRM Center at an expanded level. Check membership benefits for more information.

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