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Quick Response Manufacturing Certificate Program

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Tempus Institute offers a QRM Certificate Program to provide a credential for practitioners who demonstrate capability and knowledge of QRM. There are three certificates available. Level One is a certificate of QRM Knowledge for those who have been trained in QRM and participated in a project. Level Two is a certificate of QRM Leadership for those who have demonstrated skill in QRM training and implementation. Level Three is a certificate of QRM Mastery for those who have made contributions to the QRM body of knowledge.   

Bill Ritchie, President and Founder of Tempus Institute based in Dayton, Ohio, notes that the certificate program is a useful credential for both external consultants who assist enterprises in QRM implementation and internal employees who want to demonstrate their QRM skill to become Champions that sustain lead time reduction into the future. He notes that Dr. Suri considers Level Two Certificate holders eligible to use his materials for training.

Level One – QRM Knowledge
Outline of Requirements:

  • Read all three Rajan Suri books: QRM / It’s About Time / MCT Guide
  • Attain 32 hours of QRM training through approved source
  • Participate in one QRM implementation project
  • Pass Level One 3-hour open book examination

Level Two – QRM Leadership
Outline of Requirements:

  • Hold Level One Certificate
  • Participate in two additional QRM projects, leading at least one of them
  • Audit an approved QRM training program to observe teaching process
  • Make public presentation of QRM at professional meeting or conference
  • Attend Tempus Institute “Advanced Principles of QRM” workshop
  • Affirm knowledge of Systems Dynamics through MPX demonstration
  • Pass Level Two 3-hour open book examination

Level Three – QRM Mastery
Outline of Requirements:

  • Hold Level Two Certificate
  • Attend an approved QRM conference
  • Lead two additional QRM projects
  • Conduct 24 hours of QRM training
  • Publish an article about QRM in an approved journal, magazine, or journal
  • Make two additional public presentations about QRM
  • Pass Level Three oral examination

Scott Forest, Vice President, Operations and Continuous Improvement at RenewAire in Madison, Wisconsin, who has attained level two certification, says “Certification has been tremendously valuable to me and my company.  Aside from the inherent value of being officially qualified to lead and teach QRM, I grew a lot during the process.  In performing each of the steps required for certification, I learned more about specific aspects of QRM and I grew in my confidence to articulate QRM principles.  At RenewAire, we have used my certification to tremendous effect by helping educate every person in our company and bringing QRM to areas of the company where it has never been.  By being certified, I earned a measure of respect from those who I was working with to accept my thoughts and ideas about QRM—and together we used the knowledge I gained for bettering the company.”
To learn more about the QRM certificate program, visit the Tempus Institute’s website or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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