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Suri’s Second Book, "It’s About Time," Now Available in Six Languages

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It’s About Time, the second book about Quick Response Manufacturing published by Rajan Suri, Emeritus Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, has recently been translated into Spanish.  With this new translation, the book is now available in six languages.  All  translations from the original were initiated, not by Suri, but by organizations in those local markets that felt the book was of great relevance to their industry and approached Suri’s publisher for translation rights.


The timeline for the various renditions of the book follows:

April, 2010 – Original English version, published by Productivity Press (Taylor & Francis)

November, 2010 – Dutch

January, 2013 – Russian

November, 2013 – Polish

May, 2014 – French

September, 2014 – Spanish

Dr. Suri is the Founding Director of the Center for Quick Response Manufacturing.

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