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World QRM Conference 2016 to be Held in Warsaw, Poland

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The World QRM Conference 2016 will be held in Warsaw, Poland on June 6-9. With case studies, tutorials, interactive workshops, simulation games, plant tours, panel discussions and plenty of networking opportunities, this conference promises to be a rich learning experience.

The event kicks off on June 6 with an introductory tutorial covering the basics of the QRM strategy conducted by Professor Rajan Suri, the creator of QRM and founding director of the Center for Quick Response Manufacturing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The first day’s program also includes a QRM Introductory Session in Multiple Languages.

The Conference program includes 20 case studies presented by industry leaders from around the world, 12 workshops and two plant tours. Featured presentations include Joyce Warnacut’s explanation of how your accounting systems may be making your customers wait and extending - rather than reducing - lead time, which parallels her recently released book, The Monetary Value of Time: Why Traditional Accounting Systems Make Customers Wait.

Two plant tours are offered on the final day of the Conference. Mago is a manufacturer of shop equipment based in France and Alrec, located in The Netherlands, is a supplier of shop and merchandising solutions.

Visit the event’s website for full details and registration information.



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