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Aldevron, Center for Quick Response Manufacturing Win Applied Research Challenge for Innovations in Protein Manufacturing

A collaboration between biotechnology company Aldevron and the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering to develop decision support tools for biomanufacturing has been awarded first place in the 2016 Applied Research Challenge organized by the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS).

This competition was established by POMS as a way to encourage its members to conduct rigorous applied research that is innovative and relevant to production and operations management.

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Quick Response Manufacturing Certificate Program

Tempus Institute offers a QRM Certificate Program to provide a credential for practitioners who demonstrate capability and knowledge of QRM. There are three certificates available. Level One is a certificate of QRM Knowledge for those who have been trained in QRM and participated in a project. Level Two is a certificate of QRM Leadership for those who have demonstrated skill in QRM training and implementation. Level Three is a certificate of QRM Mastery for those who have made contributions to the QRM body of knowledge.   

Bill Ritchie, President and Founder of Tempus Institute based in Dayton, Ohio, notes that the certificate program is a useful credential for both external consultants who assist enterprises in QRM implementation and internal employees who want to demonstrate their QRM skill to become Champions that sustain lead time reduction into the future. He notes that Dr. Suri considers Level Two Certificate holders eligible to use his materials for training.

Level One – QRM Knowledge
Outline of Requirements:

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Warnacut Publishes “The Monetary Value of Time – Why Traditional Accounting Systems Make Customers Wait”

Of particular interest to the QRM community is a new book that examines accounting practices from the perspective of a high-mix, low-volume manufacturing environment.  Author Joyce Warnacut contends that traditional accounting systems and metrics run counter to lead time reduction principals, often increasing customers wait time, rather than reducing it.

Warnacut states, “The ability to deliver a product that is made to customer specifications, at a competitive price, in the quantity needed, and at the same time quicker than the competitors is a distinct strategic advantage in many markets.  However, traditional cost accounting systems will tell you that the process of creating strategic advantage in this fashion is not cost-effective.”

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World QRM Conference 2016 to be Held in Warsaw, Poland

The World QRM Conference 2016 will be held in Warsaw, Poland on June 6-9. With case studies, tutorials, interactive workshops, simulation games, plant tours, panel discussions and plenty of networking opportunities, this conference promises to be a rich learning experience.

The event kicks off on June 6 with an introductory tutorial covering the basics of the QRM strategy conducted by Professor Rajan Suri, the creator of QRM and founding director of the Center for Quick Response Manufacturing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The first day’s program also includes a QRM Introductory Session in Multiple Languages.

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Five Reasons Why QRM is Going to Change Dutch Industry

by David Kemps, Banker - Industry Sector, ABN-AMRO Bank, the Netherlands.

English translation of the “Insights” column, May 2015, on the ABN-AMRO Bank website.

Nearly 20 years ago Prof. Dr. Rajan Suri published his first book on Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM). In 2015, this process improvement method is in the limelight through its resounding results. Now that foreign competition is getting stronger and pressure on costs remains high, many industrialists are trying to adapt their organizations to the “low-volume, high-mix” customer requirements. However, production processes are currently tuned for optimum efficiency, while the customer requires customization and flexibility. These goals appear to conflict with each other, but in fact, QRM can increase the effectiveness of production in this low-volume high-mix environment, and thus improve customer satisfaction. 

These are my five reasons why QRM will change Dutch industry:

1. QRM Provides Competitive Advantage

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