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Fast, Fluid and Flexible - Quick Response Manufacturing at Nicolet Plastics

In its Spring 2011 issue, Plastics Business magazine features QRM Center member company Nicolet Plastics and its journey in using QRM to deal with high complexity and reduce lead times.

Read the article and see how Nicolet Plastics used QRM to turn high complexity into a strategic advantage and what results they have seen so far.

Fast, Fluid and Flexible at Nicolet Plastics (Plastics Business, Spring 2011)

The Art Of Slashing Lead Times

In its April 2011 issue, IMPO magazine features QRM Center member company Pointe Precision and their journey in reducing lead times with QRM.

"People want product as soon as possible. We have more customers knocking on our door saying, 'Okay, you said two weeks, but can we get it in a week?'," says Sam Crueger, manufacturing engineering manager at Pointe Precision while describing a common challenge for many manufacturers today.

Read the article and see how Pointe Precision approached this challenge and how QRM helped this high-precision machine shop in cutting lead times throughout its operations.

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Moving Beyond Lean: Quick Response Manufacturing

While lean's core techniques are designed to eliminate variability in operations it might not be the right strategy for low-volume, high-variety or customized products.

In this article in Industry Week, Prof. Rajan Suri explains how QRM can complement Lean in coping with unexpected changes in demand, offering a large number of options to customers and offering custom-engineered products for individual applications.

Read the full article in Industry Week here.

Rajan Suri inducted into the Industry Week 2010 Manufacturing Hall of Fame

Rajan Suri, former director of the QRM Center, is one of only 10 people to be inducted into the Industry Week 2010 Manufacturing Hall of Fame.

Suri was honored for the creation of the quick response manufacturing strategy and his long-standing efforts in helping U.S. manufacturers stay competitve in the global marketplace.

Others in the 2010 "Dream Team" include Michael Dell (Founder of Dell Computer), Donald Fites (Former CEO of Caterpillar) and Rich Teerlink (past Chairman/CEO of Harley-Davidson). Last year, the 2009 Hall of Fame included Steve Jobs (of Apple Computer), Lee Iacocca (former head of Chrysler) and Jack Welch (former head of GE and famous for Six Sigma efforts).

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Quick Response Manufacturing: Taking The Pharmaceutical Industry Beyond Lean Six Sigma

Pharmaceutical and biotech industries are under enormous pressure to improve quality, increase efficiency, and cut costs of their preclinical research and clinical development processes. In an article in the October 2010 issue of the "Life Science Leader", Prof. Ananth Krishnamurthy (Director, QRM Center) and Gerald Finken (CEO, Clincial Supplies Management) show how the time-based approach of Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) might enable pharmaceutical industries to take the improvements obtained from Lean Six Sigma to the next level and improve preclinical research and clinical development processes.

Read the full article in the Life Science Leader here.

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