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Omnipress produces educational meeting materials in print, CD, flash drive as well as online materials including speaker file collection and conference recording.

Results presented by Tracy Gundert (VP of Operations); David McKnight (CEO) at the QRM 2008 Conference.

QRM Background

After some initial QRM training, Omnipress transformed the entire organization into QRM teams at one time.

First Results

  • Eliminated 40% of forms
  • Up to 70% reduction in lead times, for example reduced Digital Media lead time hours from 233 to 93 hours; reduced Digital Media total productive hours from 27 to 21 hours; reduced Digital Media total non-productive hours from 206 to 72 hours
  • Improved project velocity
  • Less labor required
  • Improved team members participation in process improvements

Further Results

Summer of 2007 – Next QRM thrust: new structure to remove bottlenecks, new print equipments and smaller cells to facilitate white space and lead time reduction

  • Up to 29% further reduction in print products lead time including reduced Perfect Bind lead time from 12.12 to 10.92 days; reduced 3-Hole Drill lead time from 11.04 to 7.86 days; reduced Saddle Stitch lead time from 12.38 to 8.75 days; reduced Plastic Coil lead time from 11.86 to 9.72 days
  • 25% increase in print revenue along with 8.25% decrease in labor hours
  • Fewer rush jobs
  • 32% reduction in spoilage

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