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How to Plan and Implement POLCA

How to Plan and Implement POLCA: A Material-Control System for High-Variety or Custom-Engineered Products

Prof. Rajan Suri, Prof. Ananth Krishnamurthy

In today's marketplace, there is increasing demand for customized products, either through customers choosing from a large menu of options, or even through companies custom-engineering products for individual orders. Manufacturers that have to supply such high-variety or custom-engineered products are struggling to implement effective material-control strategies on the shop floor.

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QRM and POLCA: A Winning Combination

QRM and POLCA: A Winning Combination for Manufacturing Enterprises in the 21st Century

Prof. Rajan Suri

This paper is a revised and updated version of Quick Response Manufacturing: A Competitive Strategy for the 21st Century by the same author. It contains new results on the impact of QRM strategy as well as updated references to recent case studies on the application of QRM at various companies.

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