Identifying Organization-wide Waste Using Manufacturing Critical-path Time (MCT)

Virtual Short Course     //     May 20, 2020     //    10:30a.m. – 11:30a.m. CDT

Manufacturing Critical-path Time (MCT) is a precise time-based metric for continuous improvement. This metric highlights improvement opportunities by clearly quantifying system-wide waste. Developed by the QRM Center in partnership with several major corporations, this metric applies to internal operations as well as the supply chain and has proven beneficial at hundreds of companies in North America and Europe.

This one-hour course will define MCT, provide a business case for the use of MCT, and show you how to use MCT Mapping – a powerful tool to identify and communicate improvement opportunities and convince management. The training will cover the following topics:

  • Formal definition of the MCT metric
  • How MCT affects the performance of both your business and your supply chain
  • The huge impact of MCT reduction on cost, quality, and on-time delivery
  • Numerical example of MCT calculation
  • Using MCT Mapping to communicate opportunities and convince management
  • Differences between MCT Mapping and Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Professor Charlene Yauch, associate director of the Center for Quick Response Manufacturing, will conduct this short course online via WebEx video conference on Wednesday, May 20 from 10:30a.m. – 11:30a.m. Central Daylight Time. An email confirmation containing the hyperlink and password required to join the video conference will be sent to registrants prior to the presentation.

Registration for this event is closed.