Case Studies and Empirical Results

Filling the Gap

What Kind of "Numbers" can a Company Expect After Implementing Quick Response Manufacturing?

Francisco Tubino and Rajan Suri

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is a companywide approach to lead time reduction proven successful at many manufacturing enterprises. Currently, there is detailed literature on QRM principles, on how to implement QRM, and on its potential benefits.

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Manufacturing Critical-path Time: Enterprisewide Metric to Support Order Fullfillment

Mining Boom Spurs Innovation

P&H Mining Equipment Inc., Milwaukee, is a global leader in the manufacture and service of large excavating and drilling machines. The demand for mining equipment has never been greater, and ninety percent of the world's surface mines use P&H equipment.

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Need a Light - now?

In the 1990s Phoenix ran like a traditional manufacturing plant. It was stocked with purchased products, including castings from China. These products could have lead times spanning months, so Phoenix's purchaser always ensured plenty of safety stock was on hand. High-volume orders meant cheaper perpiece pricing, so the purchaser bought in bulk - and why not?

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