Manufacturing Critical Path Time (MCT)


MCT Mapping Tool
MCT Quick Reference Guide

MCT Quick Reference Guide

Rajan Suri

Just published! The first comprehensive book on MCT -- the time-based metric to support improvement projects. This guide is a "must have" for anyone using MCT in continuous improvement projects!

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Manufacturing Critical-path Time: The QRM Metric for Lead Time

Manufacturing Critical-Path Time (MCT): The QRM Metric for Lead Time

Nathan J. Stoflet, Rajan Suri

Continuous improvement efforts often include cutting costs, reducing waste, improving quality, increasing responsiveness and boosting customer satisfaction. However, quantifying the progress and success of these efforts remians a challenge in any enterprise.

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Filling the Gap

Filling the Gap

Paul D. Ericksen, Rajan Suri, Bash'shar El-Jawhari, Aaron J. Armstrong

For many OEMs, order fulfillment — being able to deliver product to market quickly and flexibly — has been dramatically affected by lean initiatives, global sourcing and asset reduction. OEMs no longer have nearby suppliers, and asset-reduction initiatives have led them to adopt build-to-demand strategies. Suppliers struggle to efficiently and quickly produce fluctuating quantities and the often broad mix of products required by today's OEMs.

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Managing the Extended Enterprise

Paul D. Ericksen and Rajan Suri

Ericksen, Manager of Materials Resources for John Deere Horicon Works and Suri, founder of the QRM Center, examine time-based supply management and its contrasts with the traditional metrics used to understand supplier operations. 

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