Joy Global

Milwaukee, Wisconsin –

Joy Global is a leader in manufacturing and service of large excavating and drilling machines for the mining industry.

Results presented by Bob Mueller and Paul Diedrick at the QRM 2009 Conference.

QRM Background

  • 2000 – Joined QRM Center
  • 2003 – Implemented first cell “LRP”
  • 2004 – Q-ROC
  • 2006 – Implemented seven QRM cells at one time
  • 2007 – Implement POLCA
  • 2008 – Add four more QRM cells
  • 2009 – Q-ROC for export shipping

POLCA Implementation

After getting familiar with QRM and creating cells, P&H decided to implement POLCA to control the complex flow between cells and, in some instances, stand-alone machines. The original implementation consisted of 44 loops and 805 cards, making it the largest POLCA implementation in the world. It currenently covers 13 cells and four non-cell areas.


  • Output of critical gearing components went up 253%
  • QRM numbers increased 204%
  • Inventory Turns increased 13%
  • Number of POLCA cards in circulation down 23%
  • WIP down $2-3M

Feedback from the “Folks in the Front Line”

  • Shop Floor – “The guys on the floor love the process. They are the ones that are really singing the praises of POLCA.”
  • “Hours of manager time has been eliminated.”
  • Operator – “We are not buried in parts all the time.”
  • Planner – “Things are going great, we don’t have as much inventory around […] (yet) we also have fewer late deliveries.”