Material Planning and Control

How to Implement Quick Response Manufacturing

Get a full understanding of the QRM strategy and its solutions for material planning and control at this two-day hands-on workshop. It provides a complete overview of the entire QRM strategy and is highly recommended for everybody who plans to implement QRM in their company.

Introduction to Quick Response Manufacturing

A short and concise four hour introduction to the core principles of Quick Response Manufacturing including solutions for material planning and control. Tailored to a busy industry professional’s schedule and offered at different locations around the country, this event is the perfect way to get a first taste of QRM.

POLCA The People-friendly Production Control System: for High-mix, Low-volume and Custom Products

POLCA is a card-based production control strategy designed for high-mix, low-volume environments. This hybrid push/pull system effectively overcomes the limitations of pull (kanban) and push (MRP) systems. When implemented in the context of QRM, POLCA has helped companies significantly reduce inventory and lead times while improving delivery performance and throughput.

If you are interested in any of these workshops and would like to offer them at your organization, please contact us. Typically, the workshop content and length is tailored specifically to the needs of your audience.