Overview of QRM



If you are interested in any of these workshops and would like to offer them at your organization, please contact us at (608) 262-4709.  Typically, the workshop content and length is tailored specifically to the needs of your audience.

Half Day Introduction to Quick Response Manufacturing

A short and concise four hour introduction to the core principles of Quick Response Manufacturing and their application in high-mix, low-volume environments. Tailored to a busy industry professional’s schedule and offered at different locations around the country, this event is the perfect way to get a first taste of QRM.

How to Implement Quick Response Manufacturing

Get a full understanding of the QRM strategy at this hands-on workshop covering all aspects of QRM and providing a roadmap for implementation at your company. This workshop provides a complete overview of the entire QRM strategy and is highly recommended for everybody who plans to implement QRM in their company.

How to Use Manufacturing Critical-path Time (MCT) to Reduce Your Lead Time

Before you can reduce lead time in your enterprise, you need to find a way to measure it. Manufacturing Critical-path Time (MCT) is QRM’s metric for lead time and helps you identify areas for improvement both in your internal operations as well as across the supply chain. This one-day event introduces participants to one of the most important tools in the QRM toolkit and often is the first step on a company’s QRM journey.