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QRM Company wide

Quick Response Manufacturing: A Company-wide Approach to Reducing Lead Times, by Rajan Suri

This definitive volume on the subject of Quick Response Manufacturing demonstrates how a small but growing number of companies in the U.S. Midwest are leapfrogging their lean competitors. QRM strategy is particularly suited to reducing lead times for low-volume, high-mix or custom-engineered products.

While everyone knows that time is money, this book demonstrates that for manufacturing companies, time is a whole lot more money than most managers realize! This book is intended to be a quick read to convince executives to implement QRM strategy as well as an overview for all employees to help them support the QRM implementation.

This handy book is a working reference for practitioners using the MCT metric. MCT is a time-based metric that supports continuous improvement projects, since it quantifies an organizations total system-wide waste. This Guide provides the key rules and guidelines for using MCT. It serves as a reminder of the main points as well as a checklist to ensure that you have taken into account the major items needed for MCT calculation and use.

The Practitioner’s Guide to POLCA by Rajan Suri

The Production Control System for High-mix, Low-volume and Custom Products