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It’s About Time – The Competitive Advantage of Quick Response Manufacturing

Prof. Rajan Suri

While everyone knows that time is money, this book demonstrates that for manufacturing companies time is a lot more money than most managers realize! The author shows how companies can take advantage of this realization to gain competitive advantage. This book is intended to be a quick read to convince executives to implement QRM strategy as well as a brief overview for all employees to help them support the QRM implementation.


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Quick Response Manufacturing: A Companywide Approach to Reducing Lead Times

Prof. Rajan Suri

Although “lean” is widely used in many industries, lean manufacturing is based on the JIT strategy perfected by Toyota 30 years ago. Instead of adopting 30-year-old strategies to compete in today’s dynamic market, this definitive volume on the subject of Quick Response Manufacturing demonstrates how a small but growing number of companies in the U.S. Midwest are leapfrogging their lean competitors.

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Quick Response Manufacturing (OEM Off-Highway Reprint)

Leslie Shalabi

This overview article on QRM reviews a Top Ten list of traditional beliefs in the manufacturing sector. Find out if these misconceptions prevail in your company and examine how valid they seem when viewed through the lens of Quick Response Manufacturing.

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A Quick Response to Office Management

industrial management resource cover

Manufacturing organizations typically look to the shop floor to improve efficiency. However, office operations in manufacturing companies provide significant opportunities to improve productivity and reduce costs. This article explains these opportunities and describes how to form quick-response office cells to slash lead time, cut costs and gain competitive advantage.


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QRM and POLCA: A Winning Combination for Manufacturing Enterprises in the 21st Century

This paper is a revised and updated version of Quick Response Manufacturing: A Competitive Strategy for the 21st Century by the same author. It contains new results on the impact of QRM strategy as well as updated references to recent case studies on the application of QRM at various companies.


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Time-based Strategies in Healthcare & Biotech Operations

Many healthcare and biotech organizations have initiated Lean and Six Sigma driven improvement efforts to improve quality and reduce costs. The main challenge: the inherent complexity and variability in operations. This report shows how time-based strategies and quick response principles can apply in healthcare and biotech settings and how they have been successfully implemented in healthcare and clinical supply chain operations.


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