Quick Response Manufacturing: A Companywide Approach to Reducing Lead Times



by Rajan Suri; Productivity Press 1998

Although “lean” is all the rage right now, lean manufacturing is based on the JIT strategy perfected by Toyota 30 years ago. Instead of adopting 30-year-old strategies to compete in today’s dynamic market, this definitive volume on the subject of Quick Response Manufacturing demonstrates how a small but growing number of companies in the U.S. Midwest are leapfrogging their lean competitors. QRM strategy is particularly suited to reducing lead times for low-volume, high-mix or custom-engineered products.

Included are case studies of seven companies — including John Deere, Ingersoll and Trek Bicycle — that successfully use QRM as well as 15 specific steps to implement your own successful QRM program; hundreds of tools and examples to show you how QRM succeeds; and discussion on cells, teams and the need for employee empowerment.

"This book is more than a manufacturing book, it is a book that defines the strategy that will win the next competitive war in the business world: response time."

Bill Butterfield, Supplier Development – Deere & Co.