Time-based Strategies in Healthcare & Biotech Operations



Overview Report

Many healthcare and biotech organizations have initiated Lean and Six Sigma driven improvement efforts to improve quality and reduce costs. The main challenge: the inherent complexity and variability in operations. Patient services are individualized leading to significant variability that cannot be eliminated. Similarly, biotech industries and clinical research involve highly customized products and services. Lean practices for implementing flow are not well-suited to these high customization environments.

This report shows how time-based strategies and quick response principles can apply in healthcare and biotech settings and how they have been successfully implemented in healthcare and clinical supply chain operations.

The report contains the following presentation and articles:

  • Introduction to Quick Response Principles, Prof. Ananth Krishnamurthy, QRM Center
  • Reducing Patient Wait Times: An Application of QRM, Stephen Alper & Kay Kastner, Eye Institute of Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Implementing QRM in the Clinical Supply Chain, Gerald Finken, Clinical Supplies Management (CSM)
  • Beyond Lean: It’s About Time!, Rajan Suri, QRM Center