Center for Quick Response Manufacturing

Quick Response Manufacturing:

A powerful tool for reducing lead times in all phases of manufacturing and office operations

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is a companywide strategy to reduce lead times across your enterprise. It can bring your products to market more quickly and secure your business prospects by helping you compete in a rapidly changing manufacturing arena. It will increase profitability by reducing non–value–added time, cutting inventory and increasing return on investment.

QRM – Not Another Buzzword

QRM is not just another buzzword. In fact, QRM builds on the foundations of strategies like Lean and Six Sigma. It enables your company to be more competitive in manufacturing custom-engineered products in low or varying volumes at high quality and short lead times.

See how QRM complements Lean across the enterprise.

QRM Center

The QRM Center is a partnership between companies, faculty and students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, dedicated to the research and implementation of lead time reduction principles.

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Since 1993, the QRM Center has worked with more than 300 companies to reduce lead times. For many, QRM implementation brought some impressive results.

Check results reported by QRM companies and read what industry professionals have to say about them.


Kris Pearson, Promega
Kris Pearson, Promega

I wanted to extend deep gratitude for our relationship with the QRM Center.  This year has been challenging for many companies, Promega included.

Our custom business has increased from 25% of our corporate revenue to 45% of our corporate revenue this year.  Our Net Sales Calendar Year to Date are up 213%.  Our order lines are up over 300%.  We have been able to handle this increased business with only two additional headcount and no impact to our lead times, except in cases where the supply chain was disrupted globally.

These accomplishments were possible, in large part, due to our QRM implementation and our relationship with the QRM Center at  UW-Madison.

Thank you so much for your teachings and guidance over the last few years.  We were definitely set up for success when the pandemic hit.

Kris Pearson, Director of Manufacturing & Custom Operations,
Promega Corporation

Upcoming QRM Events

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) provides an enterprise-wide strategy that can help manufacturers compete on speed and achieve positive financial results. Join us for this year’s international conference to hear industry executives and QRM experts from across the world share case studies on results achieved and tutorials on the application of QRM principles. Learn how others have used QRM to achieve dramatic results, transform their companies, and race ahead of their competition.

QRM Certificate Now Available

The University of Wisconsin-Madison recently introduced a Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) certificate designed to provide industry professionals with a formal credential from a world-class university to document their expertise in QRM principles, techniques, and tools.

This credential demonstrates your mastery of QRM knowledge so that you can lead your organization through QRM implementations, improve your company’s operational and financial performance and educate others about QRM principles. Your proficiency will be sought after, whether pursuing new career opportunities or sharing your knowledge through speeches at local events and international conferences. To learn more, jump to the QRM Certificate page.