Industry Projects

QRM projects – moving your company ahead

Helping companies succeed with QRM is at the heart of the QRM Center’s mission. In our cooperative projects, we bring together company professionals, students and faculty to analyze a specific enterprise challenge and recommend appropriate QRM solutions. Open to companies of all sizes and from a variety of industries, QRM projects lay the data-driven, analytical groundwork for a successful QRM implementation.


The Center conducts its projects as a three-way partnership between member company, student(s) and QRM Center faculty and staff. This setup provides each partner with benefits.

  • Member companies get outside help to maximize the potential of QRM.
  • Students gain real-world industry experience while transferring their classroom knowledge to business practice.
  • QRM Center faculty and staff overseeing the project learn from successes and failures, helping them to further refine and improve the QRM strategy.

Project partnerships promote the combined missions of the Center which are: research, outreach and education.

QRM projects are ...


QRM works best in a high-mix, low-volume environment. At project start-up, we listen to our members’ challenges. We assess where QRM implementation fits, creating the best possible impact on our membership.


QRM is dedicated to the research and implementation of QRM principles, without conflict of interest. We approach situational assessments with rigorous honesty and integrity.


QRM projects follow high quality standards. Students collect extensive data, engage in detailed analysis and regularly present their findings to QRM Center faculty and company employees to validate results.


Operating for over 20 years, the QRM Center provides Wisconsin manufacturing companies a reliable source of support to help sustain and grow your customized QRM implementation.