Results and Testimonials

Joy Global

Joy Global is a leader in manufacturing and service of large excavating and drilling machines for the mining industry.

See some of the results Joy Global has achieved with QRM and POLCA.

Alexandria Industries

This aluminum extrusion company from Alexandria, Minn., has used QRM to grow its market share. While many competitors declared bankruptcy during the recent recession, Alexandria’s focus on short lead times attracted new customers.

More about Alexandria Industries’s QRM results

Phoenix Products

After thoroughly training its employees in QRM methodology, this leading manufacturer of outdoor lighting equipment implemented QRM step-by-step across the entire enterprise – and beyond.

Learn more about Phoenix’ QRM journey.

National Oilwell Varco

An initial QRM implementation at its Orange, Calif., facility resulted in lead time reductions from 75 to four days. Now, this manufacturer of oil and gas drilling equipment is implementing QRM at several facilities around the world.

Check results from several NOV locations.

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