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Learn the Principles and Tools for Lead Time Reduction in Manufacturing Enterprises

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Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) provides a proven set of principles and tools to reduce lead time throughout your enterprise and build a strong foundation for long term growth. QRM has helped companies reduce lead times by over 80%, reduce costs by 20-40% and substantially increase market share.

This certificate’s course topics have been selected to provide you with a sound knowledge of the core principles of QRM strategy, along with the key tools needed to support implementation of QRM in practice.

Professional Benefits

The QRM Certificate from UW-Madison will provide you with a formal credential from a world-class university to document your expertise in QRM principles, techniques, and tools. This credential demonstrates your mastery of QRM knowledge so that you can lead your organization through QRM implementations, improve your company’s operational and financial performance and educate others about QRM principles. Your proficiency will be sought after, whether pursuing new career opportunities or sharing your knowledge through speeches at local events and international conferences.

Digital Badge

Those who complete the QRM certificate will also earn a digital badge as evidence of the knowledge they obtained. Digital badges are micro-credentials that can be used to showcase accomplishments in email signatures or social media. Click here for more information on digital badges.

Commit to Your Career Now!

There is no upfront cost to enroll in the certificate. You can start working on the requirements (see below) just by registering and indicating your intention. After you have completed all the requirements, there will be a nominal processing fee of $195 for the university administration to review your application and provide you with a printed and framed certificate.

Enroll now by completing and submitting the form below.  Expand your knowledge of manufacturing strategy, strengthen your career, help your organization, and promote implementation of QRM to enhance competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.

Interdisciplinary Professional Programs - in Partnership with the Center for Quick Response Manufacturing - is Pleased to Announce a New QRM Certificate

Interdisciplinary Professional Programs (InterPro) connects your business with faculty from the College of Engineering, as well as seasoned industry subject-matter experts to help you meet your talent development goals.

Center for Quick Response Manufacturing

The Center for Quick Response Manufacturing is a partnership between industry and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, dedicated to the research and implementation of lead time reduction principles.

Since 1993, the Center has worked with more than 300 companies worldwide to implement and refine QRM principles with a focus on real-world challenges.

Certificate Requirements at a Glance

The following is an overview of the five requirements to earn the QRM Certificate. (The requirements can be completed in any order – there is no specified sequence.) All courses below are offered virtually or in person in Madison, Wisconsin, through the Center for QRM or Interdisciplinary Professional Programs (InterPro). Employees of QRM Center member companies can receive a 20% discount on the InterPro courses listed for Requirements 3 and 4. Please email the QRM Center Director for more information.

1) Two Core Courses on QRM
Complete the following two courses:

2) Two Elective Courses on QRM Subjects

Complete any two of the following QRM courses:

Courses on additional QRM topics may be added to the above list from time to time – contact QRM Center director Charlene Yauch for additional details.

3) One Course on Leadership/Team Building

Complete one of the following courses:

4) One Course on Manufacturing/Management/Maintenance Subjects

Complete one of the following courses offered by InterPro or QRM.

Courses offered by InterPro:

Any course in Requirement #3 that is not being used to fulfill that requirement

Courses offered by QRM:
Any course in Requirement #2 that is not being used to fulfill that requirement

5) Required Readings

Read these two books on QRM strategy and tools and pass a short online quiz:

Have You Previously Completed Some Courses? – You’re already on your way!

If you have completed any of the eligible courses within 7 years prior to admittance into the certificate program you can receive credit for these courses.

Special note on ISyE 641:

If you have completed the UW-Madison graduate course ISyE 641 within 7 years prior to admittance into the certificate program, you are well on your way to completing the QRM Certificate since many of the above requirements will be waived! Contact QRM Center director Charlene Yauch for more details.


There is no upfront cost. If you have taken any of the eligible courses in the past seven years, registering now ensures that you will get maximum credit for those courses, since the date of your initial registration determines the past seven-year period.

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