How Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) Principles Help Companies Achieve Agility

It is clear that success in business now and in the future will require agility. But, just what is agility? And, what policies or techniques can be implemented to help ensure that businesses are agile? This article will describe two approaches to defining agility and then identify several ways that the principles of Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) can help your organization become more agile.

QRM Center Introduces new Director, Dr. James Rink

Dr. James (Jim) Rink has been appointed as the new Director of the Center for Quick Response Manufacturing, starting April 2024. He succeeds Dr. Charlene Yauch, who is retiring at the end of the spring semester.

Ten Things You Should Know About Quick Response Manufacturing

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) was invented by Rajan Suri in the 1990s. The primary goal is relentless reduction of lead time (internal process flow times). Thus, application of these concepts enables a company to compete on speed, flexibility, and agility.