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The QRM Center offers a wide variety of training events. Newcomers, look for introductory seminars. Bring your questions! Those familiar with QRM, attend advanced workshops for concrete issue implementation. QRM Center members are granted access to special working groups and case study presentations highlighting current implementation successes and challenges.

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“An eye-opening way to look at many issues that have burdened our company for years. Finally, a solution that creates less, not more, paperwork.”
—Jim Koberg Factory Manager, Trystar Cables, Faribault, Minnesota

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POLCA The People-friendly Production Control System for High-mix, Low-volume and Custom Products

Upcoming Dates
  • Jan. 17, 2024 (D160)
    Live Online
  • Jun. 20, 2024 (D165)
    Face-to-Face Madison, WI
Learn how a simple card-based visual system helps to manage complex factories with high-mix, low-volume environments. This workshop provides an overview of how POLCA works, success stories from companies using POLCA, and pointers for implementation.

How to Design Office Cells to Reduce Lead Times for Custom Products

Upcoming Dates
  • Mar. 13, 2024 (D162)
    Live Online
Companies offering high-mix, low-volume or custom-engineered products spend significant time and resources in processing quotes, finalizing engineering designs, establishing bill of materials and purchasing critical components. Restructuring your operations into office cells could lead to significant improvements in long lead times, missed opportunities in quoting, delays in order processing, engineering changes, expediting and high costs. 

How Companies Benefit from Implementing Quick Response for High-mix, Low-volume Products

Upcoming Dates
  • Not currently scheduled. Click link above for program description.
Learn from your Peers! How Companies have used Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) as a powerful tool to achieve formidable business results. If you’re wondering how QRM is being applied in the real world or you want to pick up some tips and ideas from your peers, then this is the event for you!

How to Break Down Departmental Silos with Quick Response Office Cells (Q-ROCs)

Upcoming Dates
  • Not currently scheduled. Click link above for program description.
This workshop offers attendees the unique opportunity to learn the core principles of designing and implementing office cells, see multiple office cells in operation, and hear from the executives who credit the cells with a 30% reduction in lead time, a 20% increase in market share and contributing to revenue growth of 20% year-over-year for the last five years.
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