In-house Seminars

For QRM to be successful in a company, it is important that everybody is on board. The first step: learn more about the QRM strategy and why it is important for each employee. In-house seminars conducted on request by the QRM Center can be an effective and cost-efficient way to learn more about the strategy and kick off implementation efforts in your company.

Over the past decade, both former QRM Center director Professor Krishnamurthy and founding director Professor Suri have conducted numeorus in-house seminars worldwide. New director Charlene Yauch will continue to provide this service. Typically, the workshop content is tailored specifically to the needs of the particular audience and additional meetings with company leaders can be arranged.

In-house seminars are most effective for:

  • Companies interested in implementing QRM in all or parts of their enterprise
  • Business consortiums or workforce development programs helping local manufacturing companies become more competitive
  • Operations professionals interested in showing the entire management team how QRM’s focus on lead time reduction could move the company forward

If you are interested in any of these in-house seminars and would like to offer them at your organization, please contact us. Typically, the content and length is tailored specifically to the needs of your audience.