Member Benefits

The QRM Center is a partnership between industry members, faculty and students. Our goal is to help each member achieve and sustain a successful QRM implementation. QRM Center membership benefits are designed to give companies a comprehensive support structure for lasting QRM success.

What you will get with your membership:

Basic Membership, Fee: $3,150 (per company, per year)

Reduced rates for QRM seminars, workshops and conferences

To be successful with QRM, everyone involved needs to be “on board” and have an understanding of QRM principles. As a member of the QRM Center, your employees can choose between 10-12 QRM training events per year – all at significantly reduced rates.

Networking oppourtunites

As a QRM Center member you have a chance to interact with representatives of other member firms of various sizes, helping you learn how they have successfully dealt with the common QRM challenges.

Members-only events

The QRM Center is set up to share common QRM challenges and find solutions. Members have the opportunity to participate in members-only events such as regular working group meetings, webinars and visits to member companies to view their operations.

Exclusive invitation to student-industry project presentations

Every year, the QRM Center conducts several improvement projects with industry members as part of an expanded membership. As a member, you will get a free invitation to attend project presentations by student teams at the end of each spring semester and industry case study presentations by indvidual students.

Direct access to University of Wisconsin faculty with long experience with QRM implementation

QRM Center membership provides you with ongoing affiliation with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a highly respected institution that provides a link to cutting-edge research in manufacturing engineering and related fields.

Regular updates on news from the world of QRM

Manufacturing is constantly evolving. We keep you abreast of the newest developments in QRM – without spamming your mailbox.

Participate in shaping the future of the QRM Center

QRM member companies help set the Center’s agenda and priorities for the coming year through participation in the QRM Executive Committee.

Expanded Membership, Fee: $12,900 (per company, per year)

When you join at the expanded level, in addition to all the basic membership benefits, you have the opportunity to participate in applied research projects conducted by the QRM Center. These projects may include student team projects, graduate student independent study projects, or faculty projects. All member companies participating under the Expanded Membership fee are encouraged to propose topics for longer-term applied research projects and to offer their facilities as sources for empirical data. One or more UW faculty will supervise all projects.